Thursday, March 19, 2009

About Hot Flashes!

They aren't hot flashes, they are power surges!

Hot flashes: My own personal tropical vacation!

Hot flashes: My inner child playing with matches!

You know you are in menopause when you sell your furnace at a garage sale!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Technique - Polish Stone

These come from various sources...

The look comes out to be a marble type. It would be a background. You need glossy paper, gold encore refill, bliss blue refill (your choice on color), alcohol, cotton balls and heat gun.
1 - randomly put tiny dabs onto glossy paper (too much will make it look too gold)
2 - pour alcohol into a little dish or lid
3 - dab the cotton ball into the alcohol
4 - drip a few drops of color refill onto the alcohol soaked cotton ball
5 - dab this all over the glossy paper (I didn't rub so I don't know if the rubbing works)
6 - you should have a color all over your glossy
7 - heat set and your background is done.Stamp image in Black on top or emboss in gold--Stipple butterfly looks great!

Polished stone #2 (sometimes called marbling)...
1-spray glossy cardstock with fine mist alcohol (rubbing or de-natured)
2-saturate a small piece of felt with alcohol
3-put a few drops of dye-based re-inker onto wet felt and dot on paper
4-repeat that process with one other color
5-with another piece of saturated felt I take a gold or silver (or any UM re-inker) re-inker and squeeze out a thin line on my felt. I then dot this in a few places on the paper.
6-when I am done with that I spray the whole piece of c.s. with the fine mist alcohol again so that the re-inkers move around and the metallic pigment starts to look like marble "veins".
7-I let it dry for about 30 seconds and put clear embossing powder over the whole thing and where ever the EP sticks to tells that that is where it needs to be set.

So I emboss it and it is ready to go. If you don't emboss then the pigment re-inker will never dry on the glossy c.s.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Technique - Shaving Cream

All instructions are given by someone other than myself. Hope it works for you!

Instruction for "Shaving Cream" Background
1. Fill the bottom of a container (I used plastic) with a layer of shaving cream (cheap 99 cent stuff) and spread it out with a spatula.
2. Take a couple of coordinating colors of reinkers and put drops in a random pattern all over the shaving cream.
3. Take something about the size of a marker to swirl the shaving cream around to mix it up a bit.
4. Now, with a piece of US card stock (card front size) press it into the shaving cream from the center out.
5. Remove the CS and scrape off the extra shaving cream with a spatula. I even dried off the extra bits with a dark colored towel OR a paper towel will probably work okay.
6. You have your awesome background!! You can repeat until you don't like the design you get.

Bits and Tips #4

Put magnets on the back of jumbo brads to use on your magnetic boards.