Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Household items for papercraft uses!

These ideas are compiled from Cricut.com and Gingerwood. Hope they give you ideas for new uses of household items. If you have some to include just email me. Put Crumbs & Morsels in the RE:

1. This past weekend I wanted to sand a piece of paper to distress it so it would match the other papers I was using. My little pieces of sand paper were way too harsh and were tearing up my paper so I asked my DH what else we had that I could try. He came up with one of those sponge sanding blocks used for drywall. They're dark red in color and have a very light grit to them. The sponginess makes it have some give so it doesn't tear my papers up. It worked so good I told DH he's not getting it back. He even said it could be washed if ever need be.

2. Baby wipes to clean up rubber stamps.

3. Lint rollers (the sticky kind) to clean off tiny paper scraps from work area.

4. Cotton swabs and make-up sponges for chalk and ink applicators.

5. Pan scrapper to use on the {Circut} mats to remove paper.

6. Nail block sander for distressing.

7. Emery boards (especially the black ones) for sanding.

8. Thread cutter - the round one with the little blades in grooves - for roughing the edges of paper.

9. Old electric fry pan for melting embossing powder, especially UTEE, from the bottom.

10. Drywall mesh tape instead of Magic Mesh.

11. Foam tape from hardware dept. to elevate items.

12. An old cookie sheet as a work surface for glitter and embossing projects.

13. Coffee filters are great for catching glitter or embossing powder. Easy to pour excess back into the containers.

14. Old mouse pads for punching little holes for brads.

15. Wood putty for sculpting embellishments - dries hard and can be tinted or painted.

16. Those plastic credit cards you get in the mail or even your own old cards. Great mat scrappers, use to adhere paper to mat, use in place of bone folders for scoring or making sharp folds in cardstock, lift small cuts off of mats.

17. Use the cheapest hairspray to set chalks.

18. Use a tracing wheel from your sewing basket. Swipe it across an ink pad and then on the paper and it looks like stitching.

19. Tic tac boxes are great for storing brads, beads, eyelets, safety pins, anysmall items.

20. Put a mouse pad under your sewing machine pedal - it doesn't move!!

21. Use an old spice rack to organize brads, eyelets, spiral clips, photo anchors, etc.

22. A fabric sheet wiped over the Cricut to keep down static.

23. Mess bags from fruits and veggies replace Magic Mesh.

24. Old cassette tape rack holds ink pads.

25. Corrugated packing from light bulb packages makes good backgrounds. It can be colored.

26. White Gum Eraser--erases tiny words off of those paint chips.

27. Many food products come in plastic containers with snap on lids. They come in various sizes and shapes and are great for storing a variety of items.

28. Paint edger pads work great for cleaning stamps.

29. A small wine rack to hold pens that need to be stored horizontially. Instead of wine bottles in the holes, use clear tennis ball cans {or Pringles cans, or disposable cups)} as the container.

30. White paper flowers at your local Walmart can be painted any color you want to match.

31. Remove buttons from worn out clothes. So easy!

32. Over the door shoe holder to store punches.

33. Rain gutter for rolls of ribbon.

34. Goo Gone to clean sticky stuff off of your scissors.

35. Punch through waxed paper to lubricate punches.

35. Punch through aluminum foil to sharpen punches.

36. Dental floss is good from removing photos from those old magnetic albums.

37. Mr. Clean Magic Easers to clean stamps.

38. Pants hanger is great for hanging spools of ribbon and wheels used for stamping projects.

39. Sushi grass from package, once washed makes great embellishments.

40. Spice bottles, or salt and pepper shakers to store embossing powders or microbeads.