Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ways to Use Slide Mounts

These are great. I was thinking these would apply to small frames, also...

1. stamp words on
2. ink on
3. color with permanent markers
4. cover with patterned paper or cardstock
5. paint with acrylic paint
6. sand
7. emboss
8. cover with fabric
9. tie ribbons or fabric scraps on
10. wrap wire around
11. frame a small picture or stamped image
12. frame an embellishment
13. accent a title, another example here
14. make a shaker
15. make a frozen shaker
16. frame a charm
17. frame a card sentiment, another example here
18. punch holes and hang beads from
19. frame small photo-realistic patterned papers
20. wrap with fiber or ribbon - partially or completely
21. cover with microbeads
22. cover with aluminum foil
23. turn into a fridge magnet
24. make a mini book
25. make a shadow box
26. cover with adhesive and sand
27. color with Craf-T metallic rub-ons
28. color with Alcohol Inks (polished stone technique)
29. cover or embellish with word stickers
30. frame a transparency
31. frame a sticker
32. hand a tag from it
33. cover with glitter
34. cover with gold leaf
35. embellish with or frame a button
36. apply rub-on letters or stickers
37. paint with acrylic paint and then crackle medium
38. embellish with a silk flower or punch art
39. hang a word chime or embellish with a word chime
40. frame sentiment, word or stamped image on vellum
41. hinge open and use double
42. hinge open and cut to separated into two pieces
43. place side by side and up and down in a grid
44. decoupage
45. create a border for a scrapbook page
46. embellish a tag, another example here
47. cover with magic mesh
48. frame a child's thumbprint
49. use a hinge on the top so slide can be opened to reveal something else
50. use as a window frame onto another page or the inside of a card
51. stamp with a script stamp
52. stipple with ink or paint
53. sponge with ink or paint
54. frame pressed flowers
55. spray paint with regular paint
56. spray with dimensional paint - make it stone, webbing spray, make it suede, etc.
57. frame a portion of a photo index print
58. embellish an envelope or library pocket
59. highlight a certain portion of patterned paper (for example, an image or portion of text) without trimming it
60. highlight a certain portion of a picture another example here
61. embellish with a favorite character (Pooh, Mickey, etc) sticker or paper piecing
62. embellish a mini file folder
63. add laser cut words
64. wrap with cord
65. wrap with tulle
66. embellish with quilling
67. wrap with embroidery floss
68. wrap with waxed string, yarn
69. turn it so the rectangle is vertical on your project
70. tie two or more together with ribbon or fiber
71. link together with wire or jump rings
72. have a paper doll/paper piecing person hold it as a sign
73. cover with wood grain paper and sitck a popsicle stick out the bottom as a sign
74. cover with cork
75. frame a tiny word collage/word art
76. use for a travel theme scrapbook (think: going over to relatives' house to see their vacation slides, LOL)
77. frame a monogram or stencil
78. frame a small shell or sand dollar
79. frame a definition
80. get the sewn look: sewn of cardstock or patterned paper and then adhere to slide mount
81. highlight a portion of a stamped image (spotlight technique) , another example here
82. embellish with or frame a page pebble or acrylic tile
83. frame or cover with textured/embossed/handmade paper
84. frame a series of action shots or words or letters
85. use in a scrapbooking or card sketch for any small square element
86. frame a portion of a paint chip, perhaps to highlight a cool color name?
87. frame kids' school pictures or one kid on a class/group picture
88. stick on a present to frame the "to/from" info
89. adhere to an altered clip board, altoid tin, bulletin board, microscope slide mailer, coin folder, lunch box, CD, etc.
90. use as a tag for an altered paint can
91. fill with easter hay under acetate
92. pass ribbon/fiber through both sides and string across your page/card
93. collage! collage! collage!
94. frame a piece of screen or fabric mesh
95. frame a silk flower
96. frame a title or focal photo for a mini album
97. embellish a square in a color blocked design
98. embellish/title a pocket page
99. embellish with or frame alphabet beads/charms
100. embellish with stamped numbers, number stickers, etc. to show a sequence
101. frame a tiny cross stitched piece
102. cover the edge of a card opening that opens in a non-traditional way (e.g. a gatefold) to use as a tab
103. frame spangles, glitter, tiny die cuts, punches, tiny tags, confetti, seeds, etc under acetate 104. frame or cover with real or faux postage
105. cover with sculpy or paper clay
106. apply UTEE and stamp into, crack for cool effect!
107. apply bugle beads in a zig zag pattern
108. fill in with dimensional glaze
109. fold back double-sided paper that covers slide
110. embellish a large stencil letter
111. hang a charm to be removed for a gift
112. hang metal embellishments
113. frame a word tile or metal word or word plaque
114. frame a clock face
115. frame shrink art
116. color with paint markers
117. edge with metallic paint markers
118. frame punch art
119. hand write on
120. adhere with or embellish with eyelets/brads/rivets, more examples here
121. use themed buttons
122. embellish with Dymo label tape or look-a-like stickers/fonts
123. embellish with letter tiles
124. embellish with photo corners
125. embellish with ribbon slide
126. embellish with dog tags
127. alternate with photos to frame an entire scrapbook page
128. frame a coin
129. hang from a safety pin
130. frame a photo and cover with vellum
131. embellish a bookmark
132. embellish with tinsel
133. embellish with metal clips, tags, etc
134. cover with printed vellum without cutting the rectangle out of the middle
135. embellish with or frame magentic poetry
136. frame a playing card
137. embellish with imitation greenery, skeleton leaves etc
138. embellish with faux jewels/flat beads
139. cover with/embellish with twill tape
140. embellish with a small metal label holder
141. cover with origami paper
142. cover with serendipity paper
143. brayer rainbow ink on
144. frame a piece of mica or make a mica window that opens to the inside of a card
145. fill inside with stickles or glitter glue
146. edge with glitter glue/stickles
147. cover with mylar
148. cover with a digital photo printed on your home computer
149. frame a woven/fabric label
150. embellish a matchbook card or mini album
151. embellish with mosaic tiles
152. create a photo montage
153. frame a date
154. collage with other basic shapes/tags/frames
155. embellish with a monogram
156. create an accordian fold mini book: 2 pages - here and here
157. weave strips of patterned paper through the slide
158. frame an image enhanced with liquid applique
159. use in the center of a big funky flower
160. embellish with stamped aida cross-stitch fabric
161. frame a mis-sized sentiment for a playful effect
162. make a ribbon hanger
163. embellish with a photo anchor
164. accent a focal photo
165. frame items stamped on a transparency
166. embellish with a simple die cut
167. staple ribbon on
168. hang with fiber from a brad like a picture on a wall
169. embellish with ephemera such as a ticket stub
170. melt with heat tool
171. faux (pen) stitching
172. use in pairs
173. embellish an altered notebook
174. embellish with jute/twine
175. use as a holder for removable tags
176. stamp with a background stamp
177. frame an epoxy/acrylic sticker/token
178. layer slides together
179. highlight a large grouping of photos
180. frame a small paper piecing
181. embellish a small tri-fold card - slides hold tiny pictures
182. frame a piece of FILM!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bits and Tips #1

For those of you who have Nesties and want to emboss, did you know that you could just flip the die over after cutting and use a bone folder to make the embossing stand out?
(From Elaine)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Fillers for Gift Baskets, Paint Cans, Lunch Boxes

Here are lots of ideas to fill a paint can, lunch box, or gift basket. These ideas are not my own, but surely stimulate the brain. Have fun with these...

Lunch Box Ideas: card organizer,yearly planner,year of memories,christmas planner (Receipts, Shopping Lists, Recipes, Crafts, Gift Ideas, Wish Lists, Calendar of Events, Teacher Gift Ideas, Christmas Card List additions, Gifts to Make, Gift Closet Inventory, Christmas Outfits, Menu, Christmas Card/Gift Photos, Decorating, Coupons), christmas traditions, love notes, Easter memories, Mother's day, Father's day, summer memories. vacation memories, thanksgiving memories, box of blessings/things we are thankful for, winter memories, bunco, best friends, party planner, wedding planner (bride, bridesmaids, groom, ushers, flowers, ceremony, music, family, guests, gifts/registry, legal, photo/video, receipts/resources, reception, cake, stationery, calendar), wedding memories (bride, bridesmaids, groom, ushers, flowers, ceremony, music, family, guests, gifts/registry, legal, photo/video, receipts/resources, reception, cake, stationery, calendar), marriage advice (great for a shower or at the reception), pregnancy planner/keepsake, parenting advice (great for a shower), baby's first year, keepsake holder, baby's firsts (smile, food, haircut, step, toy, etc), babysitter box, welcome wagon for new neighbors, garden journal/planner, home improvement/dream house, scrapbook planner, scrapbook inventory, stamp inventory, magnetic stamp storage, coupon holder, recipe box (with a weights and measures list in the lid), weekly meal planner w/recipes box, weight loss journal/recipe box, beauty tips, grandparents box, pets (shot record, pedigree), teacher's planner, school memories, sports memories(Kid's activities), memories (dance, music, camp, etc), household info (important numbers, info, receipts, etc), mom's planner, address file, scrapbook swaps/rak/cjs, teen girl, college memories.

Here are paint can ideas:I made a paint can for my DD's teacher that included "stress relievers".
--chocolate--Tylenol--hand lotion--magazine--etc...

You can use them for Teacher's gifts and put some supplies in them, home-baked cookies for the holidays, Christmas gift wrapping (Every year my grandmother used to buy us pajamas for Christmas so I thought it would be a good idea to put them in a paint can decorated for the Holidays), dog biscuits, a movie night (put a bag of microwaveable popcorn, a Blockbuster gift card, candy, etc inside), a gift for a coffee drinker (starbucks gift card, coffee mug, coffee grounds, chocolates). These are just a few of the things that popped into my head but I know there are lots more. I also have one decorated in my scrapbook room that I throw all my spare change in and use it to buy scrapbook supplies.

Baby gifts.. I fill them with soaps shampoos etc. and a mini album! Then on the tag I put ONCE YOU EMPTY the pail you can replace with momentos that your baby outgrows for SAFE KEEPING!
The paint can I made I used as a gift bag. I made it for a baby boy and put an outfit, some pacifiers, 4 oz bottles, and a few other things.

I've been asked to make one as a labor and delivery survival kit. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, stridex wipes (for the oil slick on the forehead after birth), puzzle book, FILM, etc.

I did several last year for Christmas for teen girls - a tiny shower gel, bath squishy, hair thingies, comb. If the lid wouldn't fit - I just made my own gift bags out of plain white ones with stamps on the outside using acrylic paint!

I also did a teacher one - with pens, a post it note pad, fancy paper clips, etc.

I plan on making one for the neighbors son this year - game kit - deck of cards, dice and anything else tiny and game related I can find! Usually from the $ store!

I have done what others said for baby gifts too - bath products, lotion, wash clothes.

I scan the isles at the $ Store for goodie ideas.

I did a mini paint can for Destination Sticker Designs and put an ABC album in it. Made little 3x4 flash cards for the album.

We are using them as gift ‘bags’, putting little trinkets for the grandkids at Cmas.
Here's a few ideas I have saved...Movie Night can, popcorn, candy/chocolate, DVD, gift certificate to local video store, pops, snack, mixed nuts...

TEEN VANITY CAN: facial wash, sea breeze-astringent, deodorant, mouth wash, dental floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, nail clippers, nail files, bath poofies, hair gel, hair spray...

BOOK READER CAN: book light, bookmark, snack, book gift certificate for bookstore...

GARDENING CAN: gloves, seed packs, bulbs, trowel, liquid fertilizer, kneeling pad, plant markers, hand lotion, sun visor...

SPA CAN: gel eye mask, Tea (herbal)Bubble bath, Lotion, bath puffy, bath salts, back scrubber, candles, Music, codloofah...

COFFEE LOVER CAN: flavored coffees, mug or travel mug, flavored creamers, biscotti cookies, Starbuck's gift card...

GET WELL CAN: puzzle books, tea, honey, sticks, pencils / pens, magazines, book, mad libs, aspirin, cough drops, Kleenex, hot water bottle, TV guide, DVD...

COOKIE CAN: various homemade cookies, recipes for the cookies, bag chocolate chips, frosting tube, sprinkles, cookie cutters...

GOURMENT CHEF CAN: exotic spices, infused oils, gourmet chocolate, fancy measuring spoons, cookbook, spatulas, oven mitts, apron, chef's hat...

TEACHER CAN: small notepads, aspirin, teacher-good job stickers, pens, pencils, coffee mug, gift certificate for a mani/pedi...

MY NAILS CAN: nail polish, polish remover, nail clippers, emery boards, cotton balls, cuticle sticks, cuticle cream, hand lotion, gift certificate for a mani/pedi...

HOT STUFF CAN: various hot salsa's, dips, sauces, etc, chips, small salsa bowls...

OFF TO COLLEGE CAN: pens, pencils, mouse pad, wash cloths, hand towels, snacks, phone card to call home, nail clippers, book light, microwave soup, fuzzy socks, book, magazine, mad libs...

AROMA CAN: candles, incense, incense burner, potpourri, candle holder, room spray, drawer sachets, potpourri...

SNACK CAN: various snack favorites, chips, chocolate, nuts, whatever the persons favs are...

BABY CAN: onesies, receiving blanket, socks-booties, bibs, rubber ducky, rattle, powder, lotion, baby bath, washcloths, small brag book, teddy bear, shampoo, tree seedling to grow with baby...

TEA LOVER CAN: various teas, teacup, infuser/strainer, short bread, honey sticks, biscotti, teapot, small tea towel, spoon...

FISHERMAN CAN: fishing line, clippers, license holder, floaters, hooks, lures, snacks...

FITNESS FREAK CAN: headband, power bars, shoelaces, socks, foot powder, wristbands, fitness magazine, hand weights, video, jump rope, sports drink, yoga tape, stretching rope, water bottle, chain spray, (biker)gloves, (biker)spoke tools, (biker)tire patch kit...

CHEER UP CAN: day book, tissues, candy, small stuffed toy, book, movie, cd, bubble bath, candle...

KIDS ART CAN: crayons, paints/ brushes, playdoh, small color book, small pad of paper, stickers, glitter pens, construction paper, glue sticks, popsicle sticks, yarn or ribbon...

GOLFER CAN: Brass/nylon brush, divot tool w/brush, ball markers, spike wrench, snacks, golf towel, wood tees, balls, ball pickup, club covers, gift certificate to a day of golf...

FOOT PAMPER CAN: callous cream, foot soak, salt, foot scrub, foot roller, foot brush, lotion, pumice stone, nail polish, toenail clippers, pedicure certificate...

WRITERS CAN: engraved pen, handmade journal, book light, stationary set, wax sealing set...

HONEYMOON -- LOVERS CAN: gourmet chocolate, sensual lotions, candles, bath salts, bubble bath, frame, love songs CD, wine glasses, wine / champagne, cheese, crackers, warming lotions-oil, strawberry whip cream, body paint, body dust, kissing potions, featherheart, shape soap, massage oil, nightie...

PHOTOGRAPHERS CAN:film, gift certificate to get film developed, lens cloth, filters, small frame, lens dust blower...

HOUSEWARMING CAN: gift certificate to Home Depot or similar, take out menus for local restaurants, address labels or custom made return stamp, candle (Yankee-home sweet home), small plants, seeds, monogrammed hand towels...

SCRAPPIN CAN: film/ disposable camera, hermifix tabs, glue dots, small frame, fiber assortment, embellishment assortment, gift certificate or subscription...

ENGAGEMENT/ BRIDAL CAN: bridal planner, Advil, magazine, wedding music CD, phone card, gift certificate for a relaxing day, garter, ring pillow, lace handkerchief...

WEDDING DAY EMERGENCY KIT: clear nail polish to fix stocking runs, bobby pins, tampons/pads, tissues, safety pins, razor, static removing spray, stain remover, towelettes, travel size hair spray, travel size deodorant, travel size aspirin, clear band aids, backup pair of stockings, nail file, waterproof mascara, boutonniere/corsage pins, disposable camera, antacid, extra earring backs, small scissors, eye drops, needle & thread, comb, mirror...

A survival kit as you enter your 60’s (adjust to fit age)
Almond joy – may your 60th birthday be a joyful celebration
Antacid: for when you have too much fire at night
Aspirin – for all the new little aches and pains
Baby food – to help you adjusts to softer foods
Bandaid – to heal life’s booboos
Confetti – don’t go to pieces just because you’re 60
Lifesavers – may all the days of the rest of your life be the very BEST of your life
Lollipops – to lick the 60th birthday blahs
Marbles – for when you lose yours
Metamucil – for that “regular” feeling
Polident tablet – for that “dazzling” smile
Rubberband – to give you your flexibility back
“Special”dark chocolate – each birthday just makes you more and more “special”
Starburst candy – for extra energy
Toothpicks – to help prop your eyes open so you don’t fall asleep

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shipping Charges by Site


Many of us get very frustrated with the current shipping that stamp & scrapbook stores charge us. Often it's a flat fee that is so high it is higher than the cost of the items ordered. So several of us got together and made up this list of companies that have low/actual/flat fee postage, and/or free postage (often with a minimum). If you know of a company that we can add to this list, please email me.

The companies listed below charge actual shipping or low shipping on their
rubber stamp and scrapbook orders.

ALL THAT SCRAPS (You can get an estimate of shipping costs)
BONNIE'S BEST (actual)
HMSTAMPS (under 1# is flat rate of $4.00)
I BRAKE FOR STAMPS ($4.95 for US orders)
JOAN'S GARDENS (actual to domestic & international)
RIVER CITY RUBBER WORKS (Shipping starts at $3)
ROSES ON PAPER (shipped by weight)
These companies have FREE shipping. Some conditions may apply!

ALL THAT SCRAPS (Orders over $40)
BLOCKHEADS UM Rubber Stamps (Orders over $100)
DOLLS & MINIS (Over $100)
EYELET OUTLET (Orders over $50)
HAMBO STAMPS (Click on shipping for details)
KITCHEN SINK STAMPS (Orders over $65)
PAPER TREY (Orders over $70)
RIVER CITY RUBBER WORKS (free shipping on UM or cling mounted individual stamps, see details)
VERVE VISUAL (Orders over $50)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Over 100 Ways to Use a Sizzix... or Cuttlebug... or Any Diecutter!

These were originally ideas for the Sizzix, but I'm guessing they could be used with most of the current die cutting machines. I can't guarantee anything here, you'd need to experiment to see if they work for your machine. If you come up with a new idea, email me, and I'll add it. Kathleen

1. Use Sizzix to make fabulous titles on your school projects.
2. Make a scavenger hunt and mark the spots with Sizzix letters or shapes.
3. Label items in your house to help your children with word recognition. (This is also a great way to learn a new language for your upcoming trip to a foreign country.)
4. Make a felt board and die cut felt shapes to tell felt board stories.
5. Make a fishing game for your child's next birthday party.
6. Cut flowers with a hole in the center out of tissue and have kids make Hawaiian leis at a birthday party.
7. Cut geometric shapes and roll them up to make cool paper beads to use on any crafting project.
8. Glue a collage onto your children's furniture to make a one of a kind room.
9. Make dress up dolls for your kids (and the rest of the neighborhood too.)
10. Glue themed die cuts onto colored dowel rods and stick them in a pot or vase to use as a centerpiece.
11. Use the alphabets to make posters for your for sale or yard sale signs.
12. Sew two doll shapes together to make finger puppets.
13. Die cut Shrink Plastic and color to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets and charms. Tie these around the gift of a bottle of wine, or your cocktail glasses to differentiate who's glass is who's.
14. Die cut fabric to make personalized Christmas stockings (complete with names.), tree skirts, and ornaments to decorate your home with for the holidays.
15. Personalize your child's lunchbox or bags.
16. Make seasonal wall hangings, pillows or table runners to decorate your home or give as handmade gifts of the heart.
17. Die cut magnets from all your favorite Sizzix shapes. Fill the center holes with photos.
18. Make magnet birthday frames from any Sizzix frame, and fill it with the birthday boy or girl's photo during the month of their birthday.
19. Iron fusible bonding onto the back side of your fabric, then die cut. Iron these shapes onto your kids' pants, shorts, skirts and tops or t-shirts to make darling, custom clothing. This idea works well to personalize canvas bags and backpacks too.
20. Give the gift of Sizzix. Your friends will LOVE you.
21. Make personalized cards and gift bags for all of your gift giving. People really notice the difference.
22. Die cut your cardstock on the fold to make cute shaped cards and tags.
23. Die cut thin metals and foils. They look embossed.
24. Fold paper several times and place between the cutting blades to create accordion style cards.
25. Cut rubber and mount on wooden blocks to create your own rubber stamps. You can easily make a stamp with your family's name, or a phrase you often use for mass producing your own custom greeting cards.
26. Make themed goodie bags for birthday parties.
27. Make name tags for your next baby or bridal shower or mixer.
28. Create monogrammed stationary for yourself or your friends. They'll think of you each time they write a note.
29. Cut double sided tape, and dip into beads or glitter for a 3-D shimmery shape.
30. Make a chore chart, personalized for your child with his or her specific chores.
31. Make a calendar with your children to give to the grandparents for a special end of the year treat.
32. Die cut a shape to use as a tag tied to a gift bag with the recipient's name on it.
33. Decorate all of your letters and envelopes for the appropriate occasion or holiday.
34. Make your own Christmas cards.
35. Make your own baby announcements.
36. Make your own shower or graduation announcements.
37. Decorate your very own gratitude journal to remind you of what you're thankful for every day.
38. Make fabulous scrapbook pages.
39. Cut poly foam to create your own foam shapes. Attach these to visors, sandals and crafting projects.
40. Cut compressed sponge to make tubbie toys for your kids. Teach them their A B C's while you wash the dirt away.
41. Use Sizzix shapes to decorate your picture frames.
42. Use the circles to create tags from any material in any color. Try using metallic paper or thin metal for the outer circle. It'll look exactly like a more expensive, pre-made tag.
43. Cut shapes from white cardstock and let your kids use them to color on instead of a coloring book.
44. Use the negative shapes as photo frames.4
5. Layer and rotate 2 or 3 flowers on top of each other to create 3-D flowers.
46. Make custom kitchen towels by appliquéing fabric shapes onto plain towels. Blanket stitch around each image to secure. These make super seasonal gifts, and really celebrate festivity.
47. Use the Sizzix Machine to cut thin cork for dimensional shapes.
48. Cut shapes from clear plastic (like page protectors) and back them with paper cut from the same shape. Sew them together, placing confetti or buttons inside to make your own shaped shaker cards and tags.
49. Cut a jumbo tag (folding before the bottom cutting blade), and fold bottom up and top over to make a cute little purse. Try this using Terrifically Tacky Tape to create little beaded purses.
50. Personalize school binders and book covers.
51. Organize and label your drawers and storage containers. Imagine having all of your boxes labeled in your garage.
52. Use the smaller shapes as confetti that can sprinkle out of your cards and letters.
53. Place shapes inside clear glass ornaments for your Christmas tree. Try tying a few around the top of each ornament with fibers too.
54. Make great borders for cards and scrapbook pages.
55. Decoupage on anything using all your favorite shapes.
56. Teachers, use Sizzix to make personalized welcome signs on your new student's desks.
57. Create fun door decorations to surprise anyone on a special day.
58. Have your kids make their own my room signs for their doors.
59. Make a growth ladder chart to record how fast your kids are growing.
60. Use vellum to make great fairy and dragonfly wings.
61. Use the negative shapes around letters that you cut to create fun, boxed letter titles.
62. Die cut dozens of hearts and stick them to your sweethearts car on Valentine's day.
63. Die cut seasonal greetings and make banners to hang in your window throughout each year.
64. Make a giant calendar and give it as a gift to a coworker going on holidays or retirement. Decorate each day with a different die cut symbolizing fun things to do.
65. Use die cut letters to label storage bins for easy identification.
66. Make a bouquet of die cut flowers and give them as a gift to anyone. For an especially sweet touch, die cut daisies and write she/he loves me on every petal in the bouquet.
67. Die cut your own deck of memory-match cards. Make two cards with each die cut design on them, mix them up, deal them out and see if your memory is able to match all the pairs.
68. Die cut starfish shapes out of Terrifically Tacky Tape and dip them into sand. Hide them in your child's sand box for an afternoon adventure.
69. Die cut different sizes of circles and label them all as different coin values to help your kids learn how to count money.
70. Die cut a birthday or congratulatory greeting and adhere it to a friend's windshield.
71. Cut stars from wood veneer and paint with glow in the dark paint. Adhere to the ceiling of a child's room for a night time constellation.
72. Die cut shapes out of black and adhere them to dowel rods or straws. Use them to have a shadow puppet show.
73. Die cut different themed shapes and play guess what at a party with them. Blindfold the participants and whoever guesses the most correct shapes is the winner.
74. Die cut different themed shapes and play a memory game at a party with them. Show all the participants all of the shapes for 30 seconds and then hide them again. Whoever remembers the most shapes is the winner. Try this game at a baby shower with baby themed shapes.
75. Glue two symmetrical die cut shapes to the top of a pen or pencil. Make themed pencil toppers for a party.
76. Make fake spots for your dog and dress him up as a dalmation at Halloween.
77. Cut several squares, retangles or circles to make your own little mini books. These work great to dangle over the spine of your memory book to differentiate the theme or year of the album.
78. Make shaped bookmarks with dangly tassels to give to a special friend along with a treasured book.
79. Press little reindeer tracks in the snow at Christmas time using the circle with hoof like triangles cut out of them.
80. Decorate inexpensive craft paper to make your own fabulous custom wrapping paper. Just die cut compressed sponge and dip in paint, or stencil inside the negative outer shape.
81. Try making tiny beaded books out of any shape for a miniature keepsake.
82. Cut wood veneer or fine paper to unify a room's decor. For example, die cut lots of lovely hearts from hand made paper to match a romantic decor. Hot glue these to the ends of curtain rods, or cording to be used for tie-backs, or baskets, or even to the wall as a border at the top of the wall or at chair rail height. This works for themed party décor as well.
83. Die cut shapes and titles and make plant markers for your garden. Laminate your shapes to make them extra durable. What a fun way to memorize plant names, and remember what you've planted.
84. Let your kids use die cut shapes to design their own place mat. Laminate when you are finished for a long lasting treasure.
85. Die cut confetti shapes and themed shapes and sprinkle them onto a table to add festivity to any occasion. Cut some shapes out of foil for an even more festive look.
86. Cut large Sizzix shapes from cork board and adhere to the wall in a straight line or in a design, for a cork-board strip to pin up notes or children's art work.
87. Thinly roll out Makin's No Bake Clay using a rolling pin, and let dry for a day or so. Now use Sizzix to cut all sorts of clay shapes for cards, scrapbook pages or crafting projects.
88. Die Cut your own bumper stickers.
89. Make paper dog tags for your stuffed animals.
90. Make your own wine labels for your friends.
91. Create a paper bag luminaria. Just place your paper bag around your replacement cutting mat, and die cut seasonal shapes in the top center of your paper bag. Now the light from your candle will shine out of the shaped hole. Line them up and down your walkway to celebrate the season.
92. Make paper masks for parties and plays.
93. Make kid's games such as pin the tail on the dinosaur or pin the tail on the donkey.
94. Cut out lots of small shapes to use as gift bag filler. This will really add to the theme of your gift.
95. Die cut shapes and use them outside as a pattern for side walk chalk. Your children will make masterpieces.
96. Cut lots of shapes out of vellum and overlap them on your page to make a soft, collage background.
97. Cut lots of little squares and make your own mosaic. (This also works with other small shapes.)
98. Use the negative outline template from your die cut to place over cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other desserts to use as a mask for sprinkling powdered sugar. Gently lift the template and you've got gorgeous desserts with shaped powdered sugar designs.
99. Use the alphabets to create your own word search puzzle for your kids. Use letters to make a cute background for a scrapbook page, or a fun invitation. Place vellum over the words you'd like to highlight.
100. Use shrink plastic and any large frame to shrink into tiny frames. Apply magnet material to the backs and use these as fridge magnets or gifts for family members. (Remember to decorate with color before shrinking.)
101. Use shapes and numbers to create customized clocks to coordinate with your home decor or to give as gifts.And because once we started, we just couldn't stop, here are some extra ideas:
102. Make your own paper buttons using the circle die. Hole punch the desired configuration, thread with string, and you've got flat buttons you can use on your scrapbook pages. Stack several circles on top of one another to create 3-D buttons, or emboss with clear embossing powder for a shiny button.
103. Cut the entire Paper Doll Set to use with shrink plastic to make your own tiny doll sets. (Be sure to include all the animals, accessories and toys.) You could even poke holes in them before drying to create a My friends and Me charm bracelet. What a fabulous gift for children to make and give to a friend on their birthday.
104. Cut smaller shapes from thin metals to create your own charms.
105. Accessorize the Jumbo Traditional Tag into a shirt and tie for a Father's Day card.
106. Make shoe toppers by using leather or poly foam to cut out decorations. PaddlePunch with the Lace punch for laces to go through.
107. Make your own coasters: Use cork for bottom, and foam for top (punch two and adhere together).
108. Let your kids make their own holiday placemats using Sizzix shapes. Let them color with markers or chalks. It'll keep 'em busy while you finish that fabulous dinner, and make a fun and memorable table setting as well. Be sure to laminate before using for durable treasures you can use again and again.
109. Bath fun decals: Use with poly foam to make clings for the bathtub. When wet, these will temporarily stick to the sides of the tub/walls.
110. Cutting shapes out of compressed sponge and using them as little washcloths makes bath time cleaning fun.
111. Make your own hand-made air fresheners: Use thick cardstock or tag board to cut shape out. Place in baggie with scented oil dabbed on cotton balls and let sit for 24 hours. Punch hole in top and add cute ribbon. Hang these anywhere, and use them as gifts as well.
112. Make custom hair accessories to go with any outfit by using leather, fun foam, etc. to cut shapes out of and attach to scrunchies, elastics, barrettes, etc. Try cutting the center of the flower out, and looping your ponytail through it.
113. Magnetic letters: Punch alphabet out of magnetic sheets for great refrigerator letters for school or home.
114. Candle decorations: You can use heavy tissue paper to make cutouts for candles. Decoupage on candles for beautiful decorations and centerpieces. These also make wonderful hostess gifts.
115. Create easily identifiable luggage by die-cutting your name from a Sizzix alphabet and attaching it to your suitcase with packing tape. Try using smaller letters and Sizzix Jumbo Tags to make your own custom luggage tags. Laminate for durability.
116. Teachers can use Sizzix for letter association, calendar pieces, math skills, bulletin boards, etc.
117. Die cut shapes from Terrifically Tacky Tape and attach them to a candle votive. Use microfine glitter and micro mosaic beads to cover the candle, creating a spectacular beaded centerpiece or gift.
118. Die Cut shapes out of fun foam and piece them together to make fun summer glasses or headbands.
119. Make your own special deck of cards.
120. Create custom recipe cards containing your special family recipes. Print your recipe onto your choice of die cuts, and tie onto a package of homemade cookies.
121. Create themed place cards for your next dinner, party, baby shower or bridal shower. These would be perfect for holidays, too.
122. Send look-alike paper doll thank you cards that your friends will never forget.
123. Cut out Sizzix shapes from wallpaper and apply to walls in intervals to create a lovely and unique border.
124. Use the Sizzix foot die to create a trail through the house leading to a surprise. Try using green feet leading to a pot of gold (your child's favorite cereal), or tiny pink or blue feet to lead your husband to a positive home pregnancy test.
125. Create paper appliques on cards and scrapbook pages by stuffing die cut shapes with cotton batting, then stitching around the shape with a 1/4" seam allowance to create a quilted look.
126. Use paper that is sticky on one side (sticker paper or adhesive sheets), to cut out with Sizzix. Sprinkle with embossing power and heat with an embossing gun. You'll have a shiny embossed shape.
127. Cut a sheet of the squares, hearts, or circles, then layer them starting with the largest and ending with the smallest shape. Add a foam adhesive in between for a 3-D accent.
128. Die cut a square or circle and add an Alphabitty to the middle of it. Emboss with clear embossing powder to create a shiny alphabet tile.
129. Use photos of flowers, grass or rocks to cut Sizzix flowers, grass and rocks to create interesting realistic accents on projects.