Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ways to Use Slide Mounts

These are great. I was thinking these would apply to small frames, also...

1. stamp words on
2. ink on
3. color with permanent markers
4. cover with patterned paper or cardstock
5. paint with acrylic paint
6. sand
7. emboss
8. cover with fabric
9. tie ribbons or fabric scraps on
10. wrap wire around
11. frame a small picture or stamped image
12. frame an embellishment
13. accent a title, another example here
14. make a shaker
15. make a frozen shaker
16. frame a charm
17. frame a card sentiment, another example here
18. punch holes and hang beads from
19. frame small photo-realistic patterned papers
20. wrap with fiber or ribbon - partially or completely
21. cover with microbeads
22. cover with aluminum foil
23. turn into a fridge magnet
24. make a mini book
25. make a shadow box
26. cover with adhesive and sand
27. color with Craf-T metallic rub-ons
28. color with Alcohol Inks (polished stone technique)
29. cover or embellish with word stickers
30. frame a transparency
31. frame a sticker
32. hand a tag from it
33. cover with glitter
34. cover with gold leaf
35. embellish with or frame a button
36. apply rub-on letters or stickers
37. paint with acrylic paint and then crackle medium
38. embellish with a silk flower or punch art
39. hang a word chime or embellish with a word chime
40. frame sentiment, word or stamped image on vellum
41. hinge open and use double
42. hinge open and cut to separated into two pieces
43. place side by side and up and down in a grid
44. decoupage
45. create a border for a scrapbook page
46. embellish a tag, another example here
47. cover with magic mesh
48. frame a child's thumbprint
49. use a hinge on the top so slide can be opened to reveal something else
50. use as a window frame onto another page or the inside of a card
51. stamp with a script stamp
52. stipple with ink or paint
53. sponge with ink or paint
54. frame pressed flowers
55. spray paint with regular paint
56. spray with dimensional paint - make it stone, webbing spray, make it suede, etc.
57. frame a portion of a photo index print
58. embellish an envelope or library pocket
59. highlight a certain portion of patterned paper (for example, an image or portion of text) without trimming it
60. highlight a certain portion of a picture another example here
61. embellish with a favorite character (Pooh, Mickey, etc) sticker or paper piecing
62. embellish a mini file folder
63. add laser cut words
64. wrap with cord
65. wrap with tulle
66. embellish with quilling
67. wrap with embroidery floss
68. wrap with waxed string, yarn
69. turn it so the rectangle is vertical on your project
70. tie two or more together with ribbon or fiber
71. link together with wire or jump rings
72. have a paper doll/paper piecing person hold it as a sign
73. cover with wood grain paper and sitck a popsicle stick out the bottom as a sign
74. cover with cork
75. frame a tiny word collage/word art
76. use for a travel theme scrapbook (think: going over to relatives' house to see their vacation slides, LOL)
77. frame a monogram or stencil
78. frame a small shell or sand dollar
79. frame a definition
80. get the sewn look: sewn of cardstock or patterned paper and then adhere to slide mount
81. highlight a portion of a stamped image (spotlight technique) , another example here
82. embellish with or frame a page pebble or acrylic tile
83. frame or cover with textured/embossed/handmade paper
84. frame a series of action shots or words or letters
85. use in a scrapbooking or card sketch for any small square element
86. frame a portion of a paint chip, perhaps to highlight a cool color name?
87. frame kids' school pictures or one kid on a class/group picture
88. stick on a present to frame the "to/from" info
89. adhere to an altered clip board, altoid tin, bulletin board, microscope slide mailer, coin folder, lunch box, CD, etc.
90. use as a tag for an altered paint can
91. fill with easter hay under acetate
92. pass ribbon/fiber through both sides and string across your page/card
93. collage! collage! collage!
94. frame a piece of screen or fabric mesh
95. frame a silk flower
96. frame a title or focal photo for a mini album
97. embellish a square in a color blocked design
98. embellish/title a pocket page
99. embellish with or frame alphabet beads/charms
100. embellish with stamped numbers, number stickers, etc. to show a sequence
101. frame a tiny cross stitched piece
102. cover the edge of a card opening that opens in a non-traditional way (e.g. a gatefold) to use as a tab
103. frame spangles, glitter, tiny die cuts, punches, tiny tags, confetti, seeds, etc under acetate 104. frame or cover with real or faux postage
105. cover with sculpy or paper clay
106. apply UTEE and stamp into, crack for cool effect!
107. apply bugle beads in a zig zag pattern
108. fill in with dimensional glaze
109. fold back double-sided paper that covers slide
110. embellish a large stencil letter
111. hang a charm to be removed for a gift
112. hang metal embellishments
113. frame a word tile or metal word or word plaque
114. frame a clock face
115. frame shrink art
116. color with paint markers
117. edge with metallic paint markers
118. frame punch art
119. hand write on
120. adhere with or embellish with eyelets/brads/rivets, more examples here
121. use themed buttons
122. embellish with Dymo label tape or look-a-like stickers/fonts
123. embellish with letter tiles
124. embellish with photo corners
125. embellish with ribbon slide
126. embellish with dog tags
127. alternate with photos to frame an entire scrapbook page
128. frame a coin
129. hang from a safety pin
130. frame a photo and cover with vellum
131. embellish a bookmark
132. embellish with tinsel
133. embellish with metal clips, tags, etc
134. cover with printed vellum without cutting the rectangle out of the middle
135. embellish with or frame magentic poetry
136. frame a playing card
137. embellish with imitation greenery, skeleton leaves etc
138. embellish with faux jewels/flat beads
139. cover with/embellish with twill tape
140. embellish with a small metal label holder
141. cover with origami paper
142. cover with serendipity paper
143. brayer rainbow ink on
144. frame a piece of mica or make a mica window that opens to the inside of a card
145. fill inside with stickles or glitter glue
146. edge with glitter glue/stickles
147. cover with mylar
148. cover with a digital photo printed on your home computer
149. frame a woven/fabric label
150. embellish a matchbook card or mini album
151. embellish with mosaic tiles
152. create a photo montage
153. frame a date
154. collage with other basic shapes/tags/frames
155. embellish with a monogram
156. create an accordian fold mini book: 2 pages - here and here
157. weave strips of patterned paper through the slide
158. frame an image enhanced with liquid applique
159. use in the center of a big funky flower
160. embellish with stamped aida cross-stitch fabric
161. frame a mis-sized sentiment for a playful effect
162. make a ribbon hanger
163. embellish with a photo anchor
164. accent a focal photo
165. frame items stamped on a transparency
166. embellish with a simple die cut
167. staple ribbon on
168. hang with fiber from a brad like a picture on a wall
169. embellish with ephemera such as a ticket stub
170. melt with heat tool
171. faux (pen) stitching
172. use in pairs
173. embellish an altered notebook
174. embellish with jute/twine
175. use as a holder for removable tags
176. stamp with a background stamp
177. frame an epoxy/acrylic sticker/token
178. layer slides together
179. highlight a large grouping of photos
180. frame a small paper piecing
181. embellish a small tri-fold card - slides hold tiny pictures
182. frame a piece of FILM!!!

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