Friday, January 30, 2009

Re-inker Uses

We were discussing re-inkers on a rubber stamping board, and this link came up. I'll print the uses here, but also give you the link. It's on a really neat blog. The ideas are using Stampin' Up re-inkers, but it is my belief that other brands would do the same things.

1. Re-ink your stamp pads: Use the coordinating re-inkers to keep those 48 Stampin' Up! colors bright. You really don't have to buy a new ink pad when one drys up.
2. Shaving Cream Technique: Use them to make your own background paper using cheap shaving cream. It is a little messy but so much fun.
3. Use with a Paintbrush, Aqua Painter or Blender Pen to color your stamped images.
4. Make a beautiful glitter Christmas Ornaments. I know Christmas is over but you can remind me next year.
5. Mix Crystal Effects and Re-Inkers- you can even add dazzling diamond glitter to this for a nice effect on your stamping project
6. Color the white flowers in the Pretties Kit to match your project.
7. Bubble Background Technique- nice background for water or fish cards.
8. Re-ink your 48 colors of Stampin' Up! Markers #1. * Stampin' Up! does NOT recommend doing this. It is just something some that can be done to extend the life of their markers. You do this at the risk of ruining the marker and thereby having to replace it anyway. Carefully and gently remove the wide tip of the marker. Fill a small container with the coordinating color of re-inker. Place the brush tip of the marker that you've removed into the container that has the re-inker fluid in. Allow to soak from 10 minutes to 24 hours depending on how dry the tip was. Add several amounts of re-inker to the barrel of the marker. Re-insert the brush tip into the barrel of the marker. Do so gently and carefully. I have never done this but have been given these instructions by other demonstrators.
9. Re-ink your 48 colors of Stampin' Up! Markers #2. Another suggestion from a long-time demonstrator is to not remove the tip from the barrel. Just put some re-inker into a clear film canister and let the marker sit in it for a while. The marker will suck up all the ink it needs. Then wipe the tip & replace the cap. Lay the marker flat to allow the ink to travel to the small tip as well. It's a lot less messy!
10. Dye Ribbon: Use the re-inkers to dye white ribbon to have matching ribbon for your project. Make sure to let it dry prior to using it.
11. Marble Technique for a different background using real marbles.
12. Bubble Wrap or Sandwich wrap dabbed in reinker to make a unique background.
13. Sponging your projects.
14. Baby Wipe Technique.
15. Polished Stone Technique using metallic reinker also.

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