Saturday, January 3, 2009

Uses for Fiber / Ribbon

Feel free to email me with additional ideas for this list...

1. Map out your vacation route with fiber threaded through eyelets.
2. Use as laces on paper-pieced shoes.
3. Make a frame around a matted photo.
4. Tie through the hole of a tag.
5. Use in a sports scene as a basketball hoop, soccer net, or to make a fishing pole.
6. Create grass or trees.
7. Spell out a title using fibers to stitch around letters.
8. Wrap around a corner accent.
9. Make hair for paper dolls.
10. Use as string for balloon die cuts.
11. Tie lassos for western pages.
12. Create seaweed on an ocean or vacation page.
13. Attach a tail to a kite.
14. Build a mountain/water outline.
15. Use as rope for a tug of war scene.
16. Ropes on a swing.

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